A lovely and lively host Family!

I live with a family in Kilkenny, not far from my workplace. My host family is very nice.

In this house live 5 people – Charlotte (Mom), Alan (Dad) and 3 children Jamie, Aishling and Desmond.

Charlotte is also an office clerk. In her spare time she designs clothes and gives sewing lessons. Besides, she cooks really well.

Alan is a graphic designer. He works a lot and he’s very interested in technology.

Jamie is the oldest, 20 years old and likes to go out. Aishling is 11 years old and is in the Gymnastics Kilkenny and the youngest Desmond is 6 years old and full of energy, he loves monkeys.

I am happy to be in this family. They are very hospitable and help me to improve my English.

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