Last day in Kilkenny!

Today was our last day in Kilkenny, we had a last day at work here and we had to say goodbye to all our irish colleagues. We’ve really enjoyed this trip – for sure, it was busy sometimes and we were exhausted after those working days, but it was worth it.

We did excursions, met new people and learned much new stuff about the irish culture (at work but also at home). So, this is one more thing to tell other people in Austria and all over the world out there, because:

We did it!

Alright, tomorrow we are going to come back home – and we are really excited about it.

See you 🔜 🔙 in 🇦🇹!

Mit ein paar Bildern möchten wir euch noch zeigen, wie wir unseren letzten Nachmittag ausklingen lassen haben.

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