Last day in Kilkenny!

Today was our last day in Kilkenny, we had a last day at work here and we had to say goodbye to all our irish colleagues. We’ve really enjoyed this trip – for sure, it was busy sometimes and we were exhausted after those working days, but it was worth it.

We did excursions, met new people and learned much new stuff about the irish culture (at work but also at home). So, this is one more thing to tell other people in Austria and all over the world out there, because:

We did it!

Alright, tomorrow we are going to come back home – and we are really excited about it.

See you 🔜 🔙 in 🇦🇹!

Mit ein paar Bildern möchten wir euch noch zeigen, wie wir unseren letzten Nachmittag ausklingen lassen haben.

My lovely hostfamily😇

I live with my hostfamily in Thomastown, about 20 minutes away from Kilkenny. It’s a big house with very lovely people. There are two children, a girl aged 14 and a boy aged 11.

This week were also two girls from spain there and they are very friendly too.

It was really nice to be there and I’ll come back again and visit them.😄

So, the time here is nearly over and I will miss them!😓

Our host family in Kilkenny

Hannah and I live in a small house in Kilkenny. Our host family consists of 5 people, the mother Nuala, the father Alan and three kids. They have 21-year-old twins called Connor and Ben, but they don’t live at home anymore. Connor studies in Dublin and Ben in China. Hannah is 12 years old and has a lot of interests like playing instruments and irish dancing. The cat Fluffy is already pretty old but very cute. Their dog is very playful and always up for a walk.

We are really happy to have met such nice people and we will definitely miss our time with them!

A walk with a dog

Social evening

Yesterday we had our second social evening. We went to Cleeres Bar and got the opportunity to learn how to play the bodhrán, a traditional irish drum. We started with how to hold the drum and how to handle the stick and then played just basic beats. After some practise we already played to different songs. Some of them were really fast so it wasn’t really easy for us as beginners, especially to irish music. It was a very interesting experience and we all had lots of fun and who knows, maybe we get to play the bodhrán sometime again.

My workplace

I work at Kilkenny Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Kilkenny. I’m so happy to have such a lovely workplace in Ireland. 

Die Physiotherapie Clinic ist klein aber fein…😊

Ich habe tolle Arbeitskollegen die mir ständig neue Dinge beibringen.

Meine Aufgaben sind:

Formulare ablegen

Excel Dateien erstellen

Dokumente scannen & kopieren


A lovely and lively host Family!

I live with a family in Kilkenny, not far from my workplace. My host family is very nice.

In this house live 5 people – Charlotte (Mom), Alan (Dad) and 3 children Jamie, Aishling and Desmond.

Charlotte is also an office clerk. In her spare time she designs clothes and gives sewing lessons. Besides, she cooks really well.

Alan is a graphic designer. He works a lot and he’s very interested in technology.

Jamie is the oldest, 20 years old and likes to go out. Aishling is 11 years old and is in the Gymnastics Kilkenny and the youngest Desmond is 6 years old and full of energy, he loves monkeys.

I am happy to be in this family. They are very hospitable and help me to improve my English.

Our Hostfamily in Bennettsbridge

The blogpost today is from Thomas and Florian.

We are living in Bennettsbridge during the exchange programme (~ 20 min. to Kilkenny by car). Our hostfamily consists of three kids (Rose 5y, Grace 4y and Jayne 8m) and our host parents Serena and Brian.

The kids are very happy when we play with them and they really enjoy speaking to us all the time so we can improve our english skills. Rose and Grace are both into camogie (hurling). Rose also likes to dance. We’ve had enjoyed the morning of the St. Patrick’s Day, as we were invited to watch her dancing to traditional irish music. It was lovely!

All in all we really enjoy staying here!

My workplace

I work at Walsh McDonell Solicitors in Kilkenny. I‘m very happy to have the ability to work here because it‘s so interesting. I see and do new things everyday. My colleagues are so lovely, I think I‘m really gonna miss them. Some days I work in the office and some days I‘m at the court the whole day. I‘m allowed to listen to the proceedings. I think that‘s what makes my workplace most interesting.

Courthouse in Kilkenny

My duties at the office:

  • scanning
  • photo-copying
  • shredding
  • sorting bills
  • mail processing
  • filing