Working at Ceramica

Johanna and I work at Ceramica. Ceramica is a retailer of sanitary wear, bathrooms, tiles and acessories. 

We have very nice colleagues who already told us a lot about the company. In the first few days we had to change a lot of price tags of the display models. After that we had to check relevant customer informations and put them in an Excel and every morning we have to do the filing.

We are very happy to stay in this company!

Our Hostfamily

Marie and I live together with our hostfamily in Kilkenny. The mother Karen is a chef and cooks excellent food. The father Allan is a bartender in a popular pub in Kilkenny. And then there are the kids Chloe, Abbie and Carmen. Carmen is a student from Spain, who stays in Ireland for a whole year. It is a really nice family and we have a lot of fun with them.

Marie and Martina

Our Hostfamily

Tanja and I are living near to Thomastown, approximately 20 min away from Kilkenny City. Our family is very lovely and consists of 5 people – Majella (Mum), Sean (Dad), Anna, Ciara and Aoibhinn (the three kids). 

Anna likes to play hurling and soccer. She is 10 years old.

Ciara is 18 years old and learns a lot for the school.

Aoibhinn really enjoys playing the piano.

We are happy to stay in that family.

Our Hostfamily

Sarah and I live with a family in Stoneen. That‘s 20-25 min by car away from Kilkenny. They live in a very beautiful house with a big backyard. Our hostfamily consists of 5 people. There are Aoife (mother), Alan (father) and three kids, Tony, Luke and Robbie. Toni and Luke are identical twins and ten years old. They are both into hurling. Robbie is five years old. The family is very lovely and we get a lot of delicious food.

Hook Lighthouse and Go Carting

Today we went on an excursion to the Hook Lighthouse in Wexford where we got a guided tour through the lighthouse, which was really interesting. Sadly the weather was really cloudy and windy but we made the most of it.

After visiting the lighthouse we went go carting, we didn’t place very high but it was „good fun“ and we really enjoyed it. Here are a few impressions:

My workplace in Kilkenny

I work at Carana Kitchen Design at the company MEUBLES , it’s in Kilkenny.

It’s only 15 minutes to walk from my host family. With this company you can let your dream kitchen become reality. My boss Daniel and my colleague Johanna are very friendly and they show me a lot of design concepts. It’s a very interesting workplace.

My duties at work:

  • Update prices
  • Create lists in Excel
  • Meeting clients
  • Enter new products in the system